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17+ Free Stream Starting Soon Screens Template [UPDATED OVERLAY]

17+ Free Stream Starting Soon Screens Template [UPDATED OVERLAY]
17+ Free Stream Starting Soon Screens Template [UPDATED OVERLAY]

Are you a streamer who is looking for free stream starting soon screen templates?

There are many websites that offer free stream start templates, but they often have trials or demos.

In this blog post, I will list 13 different free live streaming templates so you can find the perfect one to use on your channel.

And I am 97 percent sure you will find your perfect stream starting soon overlay from this list.

What is stream start templates, and what should this include

Stream starting soon screen templates are basically static images or animated video files showing a timer, your social media handles (optional), your brand logo, etc.

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All the live streamers basically do a final check before going for the live streaming because it’s the time your viewers will come and start talking in the chats, and in the back end, you will get prepared.

But to ensure your viewers who are waiting to see your stream, you need a timer that will show your viewers how long they need to wait.

So, when you place a timer on a screen, your viewers will not leave the stream and keep talking with each other in the chat.

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What should a stream starting soon screen include?

There are no specific things that the stream soon screen should have, but you should look out for these things:

  • Your Social handles (If it doesn’t have it, then it should have a dedicated place, where you can put that by yourself)
  • 5 min timer. I think 5 min timer is idle for a stream waiting time. Because 2 mins will be too less and 10 min will be too much
  • Ability to change the colors to match your mood or aesthetics

*These things are not required, and not all the listed stream soon screens have all 3 options.

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Why every live streamer should have a stream soon screen

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Having a live stream soon screen is a must-have thing for every streamer. No matter you are just starting, or you are a hardcore streamer.

But why?

Simply because, when the timer is ticking, you will get extra time to share the link in different groups, pages, or even to your friends and families. So when they join, they will not miss any part.

Another thing is, your audience will start engaging before starting the live stream. And you will feel energetic and motivated to crush the live stream and have a great time with your engaged chat list.

17+ free streaming templates for you to use

Here is the best list of 13 free stream starting soon screen templates for you to use without any copyright issues in 2021. They are clean, well designed, and made by professionals.

Pro tip: Don’t skip any numbers because the numbers are placed randomly, and some of the best stream starting soon templates or screens are in random numbers.

01: Salient Stream Starting Soon Screen

Salient Free Stream Starting Soon Screen

A clean and bold-looking 5 min stream starting soon screen. It comes with an electric and energetic look, a dedicated place for placing your own logo.

==> Animated Version Made By Enstant Man

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02: Apex Screens Stream Soon

Apex Free Stream Starting Soon Screen
Apex Free Stream Starting Soon Screen

Gear up, legends. Introducing “Apex” a FREE bundle of screens for your stream that’s as bold and exciting as the game it was inspired by: Apex Legends! Designed with gamers in mind who want an edge during battle royales or esports games.

==> StaticVersion Made By Visuals by Impulse

03: Electra-nium Stream Soon Screen

Electra-nium Free Stream Starting Soon Screen
Electra-nium Free Stream Starting Soon Screen

This stream starting soon screen based on super Energetic and fully Modular Design. With the addition of color-changing ability. You have the key to edit the screen as you want.

It’s also based on an electric vibe but also includes a Futuristic look in a clean way.

==> Animated Version Made By Enstant Man

04: Lofi Dream Stream Soon Screen

lofi stream soon screen

Let your mind wander over every detail of this sunset, dream about your future, and then plan your steps to make it happen.

Perfect for you who stream good vibes, just chatting with your viewers, and also for game lovers like Griz, Spiritfarer, and more!

Delicately on your screen, with butterflies flying back and forth across the beautiful landscape.

==> Animated Version Made By Stream Spell

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05: Sleaky Ninja Stream Starting Soon Screen

sleaky ninja stream soon
Sleaky Ninja Free Stream Starting Soon Screen_1

Meet Sleaky Ninja. A clean animated design and animation series with an aggressive vibe for your live stream. You will see a smooth moving animation on to the trees. Give a smooth Japanese vibe to your viewers and feel the gentle breeze.

==> Animated Version Made By Enstant Man

06: FLAME Stream Starting Soon

flame stream soon overlay

The motive of this overlay is fire, and the use of red-orange color emphasizes it well. The design is clean and so well made. Perfect for all the streamers, you have a fire theme.

==> Static Version Made By Mattovsky

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07: DARK BLUE Stream Start Soon Screen

dark blue stream soon mattovsky
Dark Blue FreeStreamStartingSoonScreen

Another stream soon screens with a Dark blue theme. With smooth corners and minimalistic design, this will be an option to have on your stream screen.

==> Static Version Made By Mattovsky

08: Luxury Stream Starting Soon Screen

Luxury stream pack stream soon screen overlay (1)

Treat yourself. Introducing “Luxury” – a FREE new theme for your stream graphics! Overlays inspired by Hollywood opulence, clean, modern look blending sci-fi themes and metallic shapes designed to make social butterflies (and jazzy aristocrats) feel at home on Twitch or Facebook Gaming platforms alike

==> Animated Version Made By Visuals by Impulse

09: Valorant Astra Stream Starting Soon Screen

Astra Free Stream Starting Soon Screen

If you are a valorant player and Astra main, this will be the golden stream starting soon. It features the valorant agent Astra in the main element. Also, it has the same text animation in the background kind of.

==> Animated Version Made By Rey Asalto

10: Clean Stream Stream Starting Soon Screen

Blue and Orange clean stream overlay
Blue & OrangeFreeStreamStartingSoonScreen

This overlay has been designed in a simple, pleasant, and eye-catching way whose style will definitely interest streamers. The whole design is in dark colors with the distinction of orange and blue, which add variety. Overlay files are in .PSD format, which can be edited in Adobe Photoshop or the free Photopea tool.

==> Static Version Made By Mattovsky

11: Blue Eroded Stream Starting Soon Screen


A straightforward and basic design template, but has a clean design approach.

==> Static Version Made By Wdflat

12: Scrapbook Stream Starting Soon Screen


Make memories. Make history with Scrapbook, a free new theme for your stream graphics that are inspired by DIY artists and crafty looks mixing construction paper and sticky tape!

Designed to be creative types who want to share their passions online as well those looking for an enjoyable social butterfly style on Twitch or Facebook Gaming streams

==> Animated Version Made By Visuals by Impulse

13: Another Clean Stream Starting Soon Screen

Another CleanFreeStreamStartingSoonScreen

This is a basic yet straightforward stream soon template. But as a bold text vibe, and can be easily matched with those games with a bold vibe.

==> Animated Version Made By Enstant man

14: Hallowstream animated Stream Starting Soon overlay

The time when the stump turns into a witch. As Halloween nears, we welcome “Hallowstream,” a bundle of spooky animated graphics for your stream. This free stream pack includes animated overlays, titles, panels, and more. Created by the awesome VBI team.

If you are looking to stream and let your audience know it’s Halloween? Hallowstream will be a good choice.

==> Animated Version Made By Visuals by Impulse

Free Stream Starting Soon Template for Canva

I have updated the list with another sections “Canva”. Because you will get the ability to change the soon screen templates colors, text, style and everything in your browser via Canva.

But what is Canva?

Canva is a user-friendly graphic design and animation tool used by professional designers and those with little to no design experience. With Canva, users can create high-quality visuals for their business or personal brand.

Canva offers a wide variety of templates for users to choose from, as well as a library of over 1 million stock photos and illustrations. Users can also upload their own photos and videos to use in their designs.

15: Pink Violet White Anime Music Twitch Screen

If you are an Anime lover or want to have a Lo-Fi type of cozy vibe, this canva template is for you. The design and the animation are super smooth and it features crisp illustration.

16: Purple Pink Orange Arcade Pixel Twitch Screen

If you want to introduce a Neubrutalism or a Bold look to your design with the aesthetics of Windows’98 in your live streaming?

This soon screen template will be for you.

17: Black White Blue Tactical eSports Twitch Screen

BOLD & COMPACT. I love this type of style in the stream graphics overlay. Perfectly used by Team Liquid and Valoiratn. But you can’t get wrong with this template. THis is also well designed and has that vibe to the design.

18: Dark Blue Purple White Tactical Gaming Twitch Screen

Just like the previous design, if you want to have a bold design in your streaming graphics this is also an option to take a look at. Again, it’s a canva template so you get the full ability to change the colors, fonts, and texts right from your browser.

19: Purple Blue Pink Cute Anime Gaming Livestream Twitch Screen

Probably this is my favorite template in this list for Canva. It’s super clean and basic but the composition is super awesome. You can see the stars and the Character draws your attention.

Also, the Tab or windows bar is LIT! GG on that as well.

How to make your own streaming template

Now, when you are doing live streaming more seriously, it’s time to get yourself a custom made stream starting soon screen.

You can quickly get a well-made template on Fiverr. You can go to Fiverr and then search for graphics for the streamers category. But hoose the designer wisely by seeing their past work and reviews.

*you will get an extra 10% off on your first order at Fiverr if you sign up through my link by clicking here

Some Premium Services, I recommend to check out. You can make your brand or channel’s content creation process to the moon by using these sites.

From these sites, you can easily create your own full stream package without design & animation knowledge. To check the sites directly, you can click the blue texts below.

==> You can go to Canva and create a custom one by yourself by dragging different premade templates. This site is also great for creating social media content as well.

==> If you have a normal brand or clothing brand, active on social media’s then Envato’s Placeit will be a great place. They have the largest collection of Mockups, Design templates, Animation templates, Logo templates,s and much much more. In simple words, they have all the things you need to grow both your brand and content creations.

EM’s Pick

All the items are well made and created by professional designers. But if I pick one that I loved the most,

🔥 Then I like Mattovsky’s Static designs, the colors are well organized and the designs are smooth.

🔥 Enstant Man’s, both Static and Animations, and Visual by impulse design and animations are super incredible.

On top of that, Enstant Man has the best collections of Free Stream packs, overlays, stingers, Animations, and static.

🔥 And as Visuals by Impulse is a premium brand and has the experience of working with big names, they definitely hold First place.

NOTE: I was trying to Add SESO’s designs, but he won’t have a template that is ready to use (He teaches the steps to create that). But if you know only 5% on how to use photoshop or after effects, I highly recommend checking out his channel by Clicking here.

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Final Verdict

I hope this list of free stream starting soon screen templates for gaming live streamers will help you find the perfect one to use on your channel. Also, please do check out their credit or license policy to avoid any copyright issues.

Also, always remember, by giving them credit, you also support the designer and show respect to their creativity. In the end, you, I, and these designers are all content creators making the best content for each other.

Let us know if we have missed any site; we will try our best to include that as well.

FAQ’s for ’13 Free Stream Starting Soon Screens’

Free Stream Starting Soon Screens templates.

All the items listed in this post are free to download, and some of them come with a full pack, and the Stream Starting template is also included.

Will I get Copyright Strike?

No, as long as you follow their credit or license policy, you will not get any strike.
But to be on the safe side, you should ask the creators about this directly.

Do I need to pay anything to download them?

No. The stream starting soon screens are free to download. You don’t have to pay for anything.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. This means when you purchase via our link we will get a small commission but no extra cost to you. This helps us to maintain our bills.

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