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The notes of Enstant Man💡

If you belong to those categories of creative people who want to live the life they want, no 9-5 jobs and mostly self-taught? Well, stay tuned with me for only 1 min.

This site enstantman.com has been created to empower creators to be entrepreneurs. Now, being an Entrepreneur is not an easy task. But there are certain things that you need to build an influent online. Like: Having the knowledge of digital marketing, building a website, YouTube video making, design, and social media growth tactics can dramatically increase your potential of building your impact online.

Now you may be thinking I can easily hire someone on Fiverr to do that job without learning it. But wait a sec.

If you are building a brand from the start and don’t have a huge budget then hiring a designer, website designer, website developer, social media manager, youtube video maker, and SEO specialist will be a tough job.

Because choosing a qualified person in those categories is not cheap at all. If you know the basics of those things then you can do that by yourself. That’s exactly what I am doing right now. I have learned all of those things from the Internet (YouTube, Reddit, Forums, Facebook groups, and more)

How enstantman.com can help you to be a Better Content Creator?

  • Learn all the important things that you need to start a online presence.
  • Design and animation tutorials that focus on getting conversions.
  • The founder itself is a 19 years old self taught Creator with 4 years of experiences in different nicehs.
  • Only value, not just promoting affilaite links to you.

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====== All for Free!

In my Freelance work timeframe, I have worked with Streamers, Content Creator from Starter to High-level Presence. Besides this worked on building my online presence to live that life I want after 2 years. So, now I am on a mission to contribute some to the community.
The experience and skills I have achieved I want to share with other creative people.
Here’s what I say to myself “Creativity is the word that seems easy to write but takes time to build”