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Design & Animation

What's Free Inside

EM Shop is Dedicated to the Content Creators.


Project Files

I Also make beginner-friendly tutorials on different Design and Animation. You can get the Source file from here as well.


Stream Graphics

From Facecam Overlay to Full Stream Pack. You will get everything. Both in Static as well as Animated.


YouTube & Social Media

Get Everything for developing Your YouTube and Social Media Contents

No Waiting time

Don’t think you need to wait for 41 secs to download your freebies. I value your time. You can instantly download your file once it ready. But try to use that 41 secs that I have saved, in your creative work.

Instant Download

Download the ready file without any AD Redirection.

Maximum Compatibality

All the designs are tested on multiple platforms before it’s here available here.

Any Streaming Platform

You can use the design & animation in any Streaming platform (Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, etc) with any Broadcasting Software (Streamlabs, OBS, xSplit, etc)

Perfectly Optimized

Each & Every Free Asset is Optimized for its own platform/software so that you can use them without any problem.

Just a little bit bout EM

Hey πŸ‘‹ I am Enstant Man. Your best Buddy in this whole Universe.

I love ❀️ to make creative designs and animations. I am also a Freelance Motion Graphics Designer at Fiverr. Also, an Author at Themeforest, a Very high level, ultra PRO Valorant Player (Radient 99 Rank).

Wanna know more about me, click the button Below πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

Why choose EM

People choose EM because Enstant Man is trying best to deliver the best

Too Friendly

Yep! I am a friendly boy. I love to behave normally with the people I love. You are also my loved person. Feel free to say Hi! on my Socials.

100% Free

It's my Promise you will not get any payment receipt if you Download anything for Free. I will keep this Free, Forever.

Easy feedback sharing

With the help of the Great YouTube Comment box, you can easily share your Feedbacks. I will try my best to make the next design with your idea.

No BullSh8z

No poor or cheap quality works. I upload only those items that I will use personally. So you don't think you are getting low-quality work because it's FREE.

How the Fu$*
I Earn Money then

Yeah, my boi! I also need to earn, so that I can keep my website and channel running. Because in the end I do need to pay the bill & Elon Musk is not my Elder Brother.

Buy me a Coffee!

The most effective way of my earning is from 'Buy me a Cofee'. You can buy me coffees (virtual, not real) if you want to support me. In simple words, it's a Donation method. But in a more Coller and Sweet way.

Donations Never accepted, but if you do thanks so much. By the way, you can simply follow me on my 'Buy me a Coffee' page.

Google Ads

The main source of my earning is Google ADS. Because every time someone clicks the Ad Banner/ADS I get few cents.

I try to use as minimal ADS I can. Also, I don't use any ADS Redirect. Besides this, I only use ADS that are verified by Google. So that there is no hamper of your Privacy.

YouTube/Social Media

It's the Ultimate way to Motivate me. Your 1 Subscription on YouTube and 1 follow on Social Media gave me a huge dose of motivation. That thing keeps me reminding that I need to go and do this Sh8.

It's also Free to Use. Thanks a lot if you do.

Contribute to my Cup of Coffee

Donations never accepted or required. But if you do thanks so much. Also Coffee keeps me activated for making more freebies.

EM SQ. Voices

here are few comments left by some awesome people on my YouTube Channel.

Ready to Loot?

And from here, your journey begins. Hopefully, my Freebies will help you.

You can help 4 Free!

So, this is how the whole thing works. When you click any Banner (ADS) on my website I get few cents and this helps me pay a small section of bills that come in each month! Thanks a lot if you have disabled Adblock :)