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How to make a free Roblox gaming logo in 2022 [For beginners]

how to make roblox gaming logo in photopea
How to make roblox gaming logo in photopea

Do you want to create your own roblox looking gaming logo?

Do you want to flex with your juicy, mouth-blowing, extra marvelous gaming logo?

But for free and using your browser like trusty Chrome. No. You don’t need to have photoshop or, design skills or a mining-ready gaming pc.

All you need to read this blog post on “how to make a Roblox like gaming logo in photopea.

You can apply the tips on your logo design on other software as well. So let’s get started.

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Go to photopea.com in your favorite browser. Then click the “New 

project” button, which will bring up a new popup. From there, you can do the composition settings. I am going to give the composition an epic but ordinary name.

And for the composition size, I will go for 1000 pixels by 1000 pixels. For resolution, give that a sweet 150. Then hit the Big and bold create button.

It will welcome you with a blank white canvas. To know the steps more easily, I will be keeping my existing design in a new tab.

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Download the playful gaming logo font

Well, let’s download the font first. We will be using a free playful font, named “Nordic Light” that I have got from fontesk.

Click here to download

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You can also explore for free for commercial and personal use fonts on these sites:

Google Fonts

Google Fonts are an extensive collection of fonts hosted by Google for use in both print and digital media. The collection is available to all website owners through Web Fonts, which can be selected from a library of fonts installed on the servers. You can choose from various fonts, including San Serif, Monospace, Serif etc.

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Watch the Video Tutorial of this Roblox Gaming logo design

Video format of the Roblox Gaming logo design

Adding the Texts with the theme of Roblox gaming logo design

Okay, go to the compositions and click the text icon. Draw a giant box, where you will type the text. Type your first text and press “control + A” to select all the text. Then click this box beside the text icon.

You can use the preloaded fonts on photopea as well. But now click load font, and select the font file with the .ttf extension at the end. Don’t ask why ttf instead of otf. It’s a different matter. If you want to know, join the discord server, the link is given below.

Once you have selected your font, go to the size settings and make it very, very big, until it fits in the giant area you have created. Hold the small rectangle anchor points at the bottom, and make the area smaller, so there are no blank spaces.

Again select the whole text by pressing control + A, and click this warp icon. From here, you can bend the text. Choose “ARCH” for the style, and then you can play around with the Bend option value. I will give it only 25% value.

Let’s add the second text. Do the same thing. Grab the Text tool, Write your text and adjust the value as per your needs; go to the warp option and stoooooop!

This time choose “Arc Upper” for the bending style. Now tweak the bending values for both texts until they have a nice curve line.

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🔥 Add the Vibrant Gradient Colors to the Gaming logo (+ Color Codes)

Now, it’s coloring time. You can get the color ideas by searching on the dribble or going to pallet generator sites like colorhunt & coolers. But a pro tip will be to keep it softer, not harsh.

Okay, enough knowledge. Double click the top text layer to bring up layer styles. Click the “Gradient Overlay” option. Click the Gradient Color picker. I have secretly written all the color codes. Want to steal this from me as well secretly?

Here is the Complete Color Code List:

Use them only for learning the priciples, don’t use it on your logo. Your logo is need to be totally yours and unique. Check this post after you have done reading this to see a list of my favourite Free online Color pallete geneartors.

===> Color Codes <===

RELFAK Text Circles

– ffa506

– ffd915

– ffc900

– ffc506

– ffb83b

– ffe162

GAMING Text Circles

– ff453f

– ff6c3f

– ffb03f

– f96509

– ff6c3f


– 3e0e00


– ffa413 (1st)

– ffde52 (2nd)

– ff8414 (3rd)

– ffa044 (Stroke)

Adding Multicolor Gradient to the gaming logo in a Cool way

Okay, now you might be thinking I will be adding a gradient overlay. But no, Today I will show a very cool way to have a multicolor gradient.

Right-click the square icon, then select the ellipse tool. Draw a circle. Give it your first primary color. Then create more copies of the circle shape layer. Select the shape layer, press control + C to copy, and control + v to paste. Give a slightly darker or lighter tone of the primary color, to each circle. and shuffle them.

Then darg all the circles and keep them closer. Stretch them or add more copies to hide the text beneath the circles completely. Once done, select all the layers, by holding shift and selecting the top shape layer to the end shape layer.

Once done right-click and “Convert to smart object.”Rename it Top layer gradient. Next, go to Filter, Blur, and Gaussian blur. Give the blur radius to around 50%. Again, right-click the layer and choose clipping mask. What the fuck. It’s now visible only in the text.

Now, click the very small thumbnail icon of the smart object. It will bring a new composition. As this is a smart object, whatever changes you make here will affect the previous compositions. Or you can say the main compositions.

Well, make more duplicates of the circle to make the whole canvas, filled with circles. Once done, make sure you have saved the changes. Otherwise, it will not apply to the main compositions. To save this, press “Control + S.”

If you go back to the main composition of the Logo design, you will see it has changed. When you add multiple colors to the shapes in that smart object, it will have an excellent blend in the main logo.

Let’s add a darker shade to a few single points. Go to the smart compositions and add some dark orange color to some circles.

Okay, now double-click the layer and add a stroke. Choose a very light tone of the main color. You can’t see it right now, but it will soon.

Add a drop shadow, and pick a very darker tone of the actual color. You can click any colors in the actual text, while the color picker tool is opened. It will capture the color. Then drag the circle to the darker side.

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Now, follow my settings to make it look 3d, just like the Roblox gaming logo or just gaming logos in general.

Setup blending option to normal. And always untick the Global angle option. After that, use an angle of 90 degrees. Distance 17, spread 100, and size 14. Okay, click the plus icon twice beside drop shadow, to add 2 duplicates of the drop shadow effect.

Select the middle Drop shadow effect. Give it a slightly lighter tone than the existing dark color. Then change the Distance to “0”, and size 15.

Select the top one, and change the size value to 12. Use the same color we used for the darker tone. Create another copy of the top shadow effects, and change the Distance to 3, spread to 100, and size option to the value of 10. This will add a nice drop shadow to the text. I will make the stroke color to more lighter color, so it pops up well.

A hidden Magic trick

Now, let me show you a magic. Copy the smart object layer. And paste it right below the bottom text. Then choose the clipping mask as we did previously. Now, if you double click the smart object icon, and change the circles color to different colors, I will use different shades of Red. When you save and go back to the main comp, the color changed. But wait! What’s the big deal here?

If you look at the bottom text, it’s also turned into red color. So when you need a single color or themed logo, you can apply this method. This is only possible for smart objects, though. I will show you how to add a different color to the bottom later in this video.

Stroke to the Gaming Logo Design

Double click the bottom text layer and add a stroke. Use a very dark tone of red color, almost black. Add the size value of 12.

Then add an Inner shadow. Make sure the blend mode is in normal, and the global angle is unticked. Now, use a very light tone of red color. So it adds a pleasant yet subtle highlight. Use 106 for angle, 6 for Distance, and 7 for size. 

Add another inner shadow by pressing the plus icon. This time give this a medium-dark red tone. The remaining settings will be the same but only change the angle to -67

Now, select the background layer and press this page icon, to make a new layer. Choose the pen tool and select the stroke color we have used for the gaming text. Then add some kind of abstract shapes around the texts. Where is the color, by the way!

Use the fill color option and then select the stroke color.

Once we are happy with one side, then create a duplicate of the shape.

Press “Control + Alt + T” to enable the transform tool. Then choose flip vertical and again horizontal. If you want to change the shape at any point, right-click the cursor icon, then choose the direct selection tool. After that, select the anchor point area and then move the points as you wish.

Add Shiny Efect to the Logo Design

Let’s keep all the logo layers in a smart object, and let’s move to the next step.

Well, now it’s time to add that shiny look. Draw two rectangles. Make them taller. And keep the width of the second one smaller than the 1st one. To do that, first, enable the transform option by pressing Control + Alt + T together. And do the changes.

Now select both of these shapes, and again enable transform. Then rotate them by going to the top corner and sliding down your mouse. Make it kind of like so. When done, make them white color. Now, enable clipping mask for both of the shape layers. It will keep the shape in between the smart object. In our case, it’s the whole logo.

You can see the changes as soon as you change the blending type from normal to overlay. But decrease the layers’ opacity, so it doesn’t look overexposed. You can choose a different opacity for different shapes, so it looks more incredible.

Well, there you go. The logo is shinning. We can apply this trick to more random shapes, so it makes the logo more playful.

I will do add some shapes with the pen tool, though.

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Add Differernt Multicolor Gradient to Each text on the Roblox Gaming logo design

Do you remember that I will show you how to get different colors for each part?

Again, draw the circles, and give the color you want to have. Do the same thing we have done previously. Then make the newly created shapes into a Smart object. After that, make it clipping mask to the part or text you want.

And there you go, now it will have this color, because enow its a different smart object. As you can see, the clipping mask is a great option. You can place your patterns, and if you don’t add blur to the smart object, the designs will give the gaming logo another type of nice design.

But to make it concise, I will add the blur effect.

Make the logo optimized for your Roblox Gaming Profile or Profile Icon

Unlock the background layer by clicking the lock icon. Because currently, it’s locked.

Then add a nice gradient color with the red tone. Then I will also create a circle shape with a soft red color, and add the blur effects. It will have a nice glow effect.

Then create a duplicate of the whole logo. Adding a gaussian blur effect and a little bit of opacity will make the whole design nicely presentable. And by doing that, you will have a nice profile picture as well.

Adding the Crown to the Logo design

We are not done yet. Let’s add the crown as the last prop to the design. You can get a crown design from flaticon, lordicon, icons8, and more. Download the icons as SVG if possible. Or png if you don’t have any other option. Then drag that into the photopeak compositions. Place it below all the layers.

Then enable the transform option, and then choose perspectives. Then drag the bottom-left anchor point to the left. It will have a nice depth. After that, I will add the gradient color we were using. At last, we will add a stroke of 11 sizes and the same dark tone we are using.

TO give it a finishing touch, I will also add an inner shadow with a lighter tone of the yellow color and 74 for angle and 6 distance. All the things will be 0.

Now, save it and preview it in the main comp. But there is a problem. The shine part is going to the crown because the shapes are on top of the smart object. And as the crown has been added to the smart object, it also overlaps the crown.

Simply bring the crown to the main composition and delete it from the smart object to fix that.

🔥 Export the Roblox gaming logo design like a Boss!

To export this logo. Navigate to File, then Export as, choose PNG and keep the quality to 100%. Rename it if you want, and hit save. It will be saved in the Downloads folder on your desktop.

To open the download folder, hit CTRL+J to open your browser download history. From there you can directly open the folder where the logo has been downloaded.

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In conclusion, make your own Roblox gaming logo free without using photoshop or illustrator. All you need is a wifi connection and your trusty browser.

Don’t spend your money on expensive software or hiring designer to make logos – instead, take a few minutes and use what’s already in front of you! As I always say, don’t spend to much when you are just starting. When you try to make everything perfect ion first plavce, you might end up lossing the intrest.

FAQ for ‘How to make a Roblox gaming logo free in 2022’

How to make a Roblox gaming logo free in 2022 without photoshop and illustrator?

– Open photopea
– Add your text
– Add a Multicolor gradient effect to the logo
– Add extra composition elements
– Present your logo like a boss
Please check the detailed blog post, to see how to do that. It’s a step by step tutorial on how to design your custom Roblox theme gaming logo in 2022

Do I need photoshop or illustrator to make my gaming logo?

No. You can easilly create your gaming logo by using a free photoshop alternative, Photpea.com

Can I make a gaming logo for free in 2022?

Yeah sure. Now there are tons of tools to create gaming logo without any pproblem very easilly. Just like I have showed how to create a easy Roblox like gaming logo only using photopea.com.

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