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How to Make a easy Stream Starting Soon Screen overlay in 2022 [No Photoshop]

How to design free stream starting soon screen for free in 2022 with Photopea
How to design free stream starting soon screen for free in 2022

Create your custom Stream Starting Soon Screen overlay without having Photoshop. That means you can have your branded stream soon screen overlay to put on the beginning of your live streaming.

No, I am not going to use Canva. I will be using the free photoshop alternative Photopea.

Making a Stream Starting Soon Screen overlay in 2022 can be daunting. However, with the help of photopea, an online photo editor that is free to use, it can be a relatively easy process. In this article, I will show you how to make a Stream Starting Soon Screen overlay in 2022 using photopea.

Getting Started for the Stream starting soon screen

Go to photopea.com and create a new composition. Use 1920 for Height and 1080 for width.
Give the resolution of 150 and Select the Create button.

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First of all, I will be importing the colors. You can get the Color codes below in this article, along with the other assets.

I select all the color layers and will keep them in a group. Lock it by clicking the lock icon.

Create a new layer on top of the Background layer. Click the page icon to create a new layer. Select the dashed rectangle tool and while selecting the new layer, draw a rectangle. You will see there is a selection going on.

Click the Half black eclipse, and choose Color fill. Now, you can unlock and delete the previous layer. I have done this because you can easily change the color by clicking the colored Box in the new color fill layer.

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Adding the Shapes in the starting soon screen

Select the rectangle tool and draw a box on the right side. You can click and then drag your mouse to make your desired Box. I will make it red. To change the color, you can click this small square icon and click the color you want.

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Duplicate this shape layer by pressing “Control+J.” Give the lower shape your secondary color. I will be using yellow color. Ok. Drag the red layer to the left side, so it gives the yellow stripe at the end.

Add texts on the stream soon screen

Let’s add the texts now. Select the text tool and draw an area, where the text will be staying. Double click the text area and press “control+A.” It will select the whole text and give it a huge number. But you may not see this awesome font, because I have loaded the custom font earlier.

Change the font by going to this and selecting “Load Font.” From there, choose the downloaded font. I will be using Newark and Highrise font. They are free for personal use. Links will be in the Blog post.

Once you have loaded the fonts, go to this Box and search the name in the search box. Select the desired font, and you are good to go.

You can get further font settings by pressing the Text settings icon. When you choose the double CAPS icon, all the texts will be in Capital letters.

To duplicate the text, Hold ALT and drag the text layer. It will duplicate the text. For now, we will skip the font color and styling.

Again draw another rectangle and give that our Main dark Color. Place it behind the text layers. This will fill up the right side area and will make it a little bit chaotic.

Add the Main Subject to the screen

Well, now it’s time to add our hero. It’s not me. I have downloaded this from Unsplash. Try to import your photo, which has a plain background. It will be a lot easier to remove the background.

How to Remove the Background

Drag and drop the image into the photopea canvas to import the image. Then press the Check icon. Drag the layer to the top of every layer. Select the photo layer and right-click. Then select Rasterize. It will turn this image from a smart object to a rasterized layer. That will allow you to do editing on the image.

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Select the “Object Selection” tool. If you can’t see it, right-click the magic wand tool to reveal more tools. Select the subject and draw a box around the cool dude. If the selection is not satisfactory, you can undo the selection by pressing Control+Z. And draw it again.

Making portrait like E-Sports design

Once you are happy, click the mask tool, and the background will be removed. You can now move the image without any background. Now, again right-click the image and make it a smart object.

To resize it, you need to press “Control+ALT+T.”

Create another duplicate of the subject layer, and drag it to the right side. For now, we will hide this layer. Now select the Top subject layer, and choose Gradient Map. But the effects applied to the whole canvas. To fix that, select the gradient Map layer, and right-click. Then select clipping mask. By doing that, the effect will be visible in the below layer. In this case, this is our subject.

Click the Gradient color icon, and then the Gradient Map icon. Click the first bottom Box and give the darkest tone. Add a slightly blueish tone to the end box.

Do the same thing for the duplicated layer as well. But this time, make it darker by keeping the end box, to the blue color, instead of white.

Select both gradient map color and subject layer and make it a smart object. Let’s add the Motion blue effect. Select the smart object, go to Filter, Blur, and Motion Blur.

Keep the Ange to -14 and Distance to 85.

How to add Realistic Highlights to the e-sport portrait

Before wrapping up this episode, let’s add some highlights to the subject. Create a new layer above the Gradient Map layer for the main subject layer. And make it a clipping mask. Then select a small brush and draw the upper parts of the Object’s body.

At last, you can add a blur effect to make the edges more smooth. Choose Overlay for the blending mode and adjust the opacity.

Download the required assets for design the Stream Starting Soon Screen overlay

===> Color Codes <===

Main Dark Color: #2d3496

Redishhh: fa374c

Yellow: #ffd90d

Darkest Tone: #06081d

—-> Texture Pack: Click here
—-> Font Main: Click here
—-> Font Secondary: Click here
—-> Portrait: Click here

Adding text patterned background to the stream soon screen overlay

Create a new layer once again on top of the BG layer. Select the text tool and write your brand name. Make it big and bold. I will be using the High rise font for the text.

Create 3 more duplicates and keep the placements differently. We will add a stroke effect to the 2nd and last text to make it more awesome. Select the text layer and give ) value for the Fill option. Double click the text layer, to enable the layer styles. Then choose stroke. And click the stroke option. Make it White and keep the position inside or center. Don’t make the stroke big. Keep it subtle.

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Once you’re happy, select the text layer and right-click. Then go-to layer styles and select copy.
Then go to the next text layer, right-click and select paste. It will apply all the styles you have done previously.

Hold shift and select the text layers. Decrease the opacity to make it subtle.

Create a new layer on top of the BG layer. Select the Polygonal lasso tool and draw some shapes. Make sure you connect the last point to the starting point. It will then make a selection. Now select the color first in the color box. Now, when you press “ALT+Backspace,” It will fill up the selection area with the Foreground color you have selected in the left menu.

But as you can see, when I try to move the shape layer, it automatically moves the text layer. Because the Autoselect option is selected, it will select the Top layers.

Disable the “Auto-Select” option from the top. And now, you have to select the layer manually from the layer panel. Then it will only move that layer.

Make a duplicate of the shape layer and place it above.

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How to add Noise effect to the stream starting soon screen’s Background

Unlock the BG or background layer and make it into a Smart object. The go-to filter, Noise, and Add Noise. Give 15% of the amount and Use Uniform for the Distribution option.

Now, it’s texturing time. Add any texture you want. I am using a Film grain texture that is absolutely free to use.

Enable transform by pressing the “Control+ALT+T.” Then resize it as per your need. Select the blend mode to Lighten. If you have something different background, double-click the texture layer. Then, drag the sliders to determine how they should blend with colors in the background in the blending options. As my background has a noise effect, it will work.

Press Alt and drag the triangle points to make the blending seamless when you start to see the changes.

Now, do the same concept for the shape layers as well. So it blends nicely with the text.

Select all the text layers and make it a smart object. So, you can double-click the smart object icon and change the text in the future. Now, Select the smart text object and decrease the opacity.

How to add realistic light overlay in the background

I think the left side is now too plain. Let’s spice it up. Create a new layer on top of the background layer. Press “B.” It will bring up the Brush tool. Make sure you have selected the color you want the brush to be. In this case, it’s yellow.

While the brush tool is active, right-click on the canvas. It will reveal the brush settings. Keep the Hardness to )% and Make the Brush size to max. But don’t use max brush size in photoshop. Because in that case, it will become like a black hole. Photopea limits the brush size.

Select the new layer, and draw a half-circle. Then Select “overlay” for the blending option.

Do the same thing on the below side, but with White Color. And now, many things are going on on the left side, and I loved this chaos.

Editing the texts in the Stream Starting Soon screen overlay

Woohoo! It’s time to make the texts more pop. Select the middle text and double-click the text layer. Add a gradient overlay. Keep the setting of mine if you want to. But the rule of thumb will be. The first color of the gradient will be the dark tone of the main color, and the end color will be The main Color.

It will give that curve look. And to wrap up the effect, add a stroke to the text with the main color. That’s it. Isn’t that simple as hitting the subscribe button and pressing the Bell icon? Try that.

Now select the remaining text and double click the text icon to enable the text properties. Then select a single color. If you want to have more flexibility, then the layer style will be the choice to go.

How to get echo effect in the SOON text

Make 2 duplicates of the SOON text, and I will be doing this on Photoshop as I have accidentally made the canvas huge at the beginning. My Laptop is struggling to do the effects processing. So I have shown this on Photoshop.

Once you have duplicated the texts, give 0% for the text fill and a stroke. Select both the text layer and make it rasterize the layer. Then add a Radial Blur effect. I am using the Zoom effect instead of Spin.

Adding the Logo and some more important designs in the Stream soon overlay

Ok, back to Photopea.com
Add another Noise effect overlay for the Blue box on the right side. Place the Noise overlay on top of the box and add a clipping mask option. Choose Lighten for the blending options and adjust the opacity as per your needs.

Add another rectangle box with the Background color. Then add your Tagline. Keep the color very subtle. You can use a slightly lighter tone of the main color.

Now, I will be adding some extra designs on the right side. I will do it in timelapse, so you don’t get bored.

Well. Add your logo in a small size here and another one in the background. I have added the stroked version of my logo in the background with a low opacity.

Add Social Media Accounts on the Stream Soon Screen

Import your social icons. You can get them from Icons8 or iconscout. Please make sure they are in png. Press Control+R to enable the rules. Then drag your mouse from the rulers twice. It will make the alignment clear and concise.

Adjust the sizes and add a gradient color overlay. I will be using the Blue gradient tone. Then a nice and bold social handle text. Yeah, that’s pretty much it.

Once done, you can drag out the rulers.

How to export Stream Starting Soon screen overlay in the best export settings

The last step. Once you are proud. Go to File. Select save as PSD if you want to have a local photoshop source copy. Then choose Export as and then PNG.

This was the moment when I realized I was working on this huge canvas. Alright, this will be 1920 and 1080 for you. So ignore mine, please.
Make sure the quality slider is 100%. Hit Save.

Congrats, you have successfully done your custom Stream starting soon screen. You can change the color to different screen text very easily.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, by following the steps above, you can create a stream starting soon overlay for your channel in 2022. Although Photoshop is a paid program, Photopea is a free alternative that offers many of the same features. So get creative and start overlaying your stream now!

You will not get a professional design at the first shot. But hey! when you learn the process, you can invest 10 minutes everyday to practice more and more. At the end you will get the EPIC stream starting soon screen overlay.

FAQ for “How to design Stream Starting Soon screen overlay in 2022”

How to make a live stream starting soon screen overlay in 2022?

This tutorial is mainly focused on absolute beginners. If you have not touched any editing software before, you can easily create custom stream designs. But also, I have shown many advanced tactics in this simple tutorial.

What is photopea.com

Photopea is a free online photo editor that offers a wide range of features for editing and enhancing photos. It’s easy to use and can be accessed from any computer or device with an internet connection.

But just like Photoshop we can use it to create insane Graphics design with ease. It’s Completely free to use and don’t put any watermark or bad quality export.

What is Stream Starting Soon Screen

Stream Starting Soon screen is a scene that a live streamer puts when they are preparing to start the live stream. This shows how long a viewer needs to wait to see the stream.

Free Stream Starting Soon Screen overlay in 2022

You can create your custom stream starting soon overlay by using the step by step tutorial.
No need to pay for any software.

Free Stream Starting Soon screen pack

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