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How to make clean Twitch Emotes in 2022 with Photoshop easily – Twitch Affiliates

Text Based Twitch Emotes Design in Adobe Photoshop
Text Based Twitch Emotes Design in Adobe Photoshop

Twitch Emotes have become an iconic part of the Twitch community and Twitch Affiliate Streamer or twitch partners. Creating your own emote is a great way to show your personality and support your favorite streamers.

They let viewers show their personalities and connect in a unique way to the platform. To make Twitch Emotes in 2022, you need to use Adobe Photoshop. This tutorial will walk you through the process of creating a basic Twitch Emote, and more advanced emote designs can be found online.

If you’re a Twitch affiliate and want to create emotes for your channel, there are a few things you’ll need. Photoshop is an old-school program that can do your work, but it isn’t free.

However, you can get a free trial of that software, or, most awesome thing, you can use Photopea.com. A complete free photoshop alternative that you can use in your browser. You can follow the tutorial I have done video and apply it on Photopea. So, you can make your Twitch emotes completely free without photoshop.

What are Twitch emotes?

Twitch is one of the most successful live streaming sites in the world. Content creators have been able to create a following and become very famous by streaming their best gameplay. You may have noticed some of these streamers have specific emotes that their viewers can use during the stream.

On the Twitch platform, you can use emojis called “emotes” to express different feelings or moods. This blog will look at the different types of Twitch emotes and how you can use these in your chat.

Best Online Twitch Emote Maker

If you’re looking for an easy way to make your Custom Twitch emote, you need to check out Own3d. You can choose from various templates or create your custom twitch emotes directly from their website.

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How to get Custom twitch emotes?

If you don’t want to create custom twitch emotes yourself or run out of twitch emote ideas, the easy way will be to hire a freelance designer. Fiverr will be the best choice to choose for your custom emotes.

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Requirements for Twitch Emotes

Here are some requirements for using Twitch emotes in your live streaming. It’s not open for every streamer on that platform.

  • You must be a Twitch Affiliate Partner.
  • The image must be in a .png format.
  • Depending on whether you wish to use auto-resize or manual upload, you will either need a single PNG between 112 x 112px and 4096 x 4096px, or three image sizes: 28 x 28px, 56 x 56px and 112 x 112px. …
  • Images must be a square in shape

How to Make Twitch Emotes in Photoshop?

It’s time to create our custom Twitch Emotes Design. Follow the simple and in-depth tutorial below and at the end of this post you will have your cool looking text based emotes for twitch stream.

Setting up the Twitch Emote Canvas

Canvas size for Twitch emote design
Canvas size for Twitch emote design

Create a new composition with 112 by 112 pixels for width and height. Use 72 for resolution. We will resize it 2 times later in the video because you have to upload emotes in 3 different sizes. This is the Highest size for emotes on Twitch.

Hold Alt in windows or command on mac, and mouse scroll up or down to zoom in and out the canvas.

Adding text to your twitch emote design

Select the Text tool, and press anywhere on the canvas. Type your text and resize it. I am using a free font named wicked mouse.

Now, double-click the text and layer and select the bottom text. Make it bigger, so it aligns with the bottom text. Then click the effects icon, and use Gradient overlay. I am using a Yellow and Redish color gradient to make this text playful.

After that, add a stroke. Make the stroke bigger, so it makes the text visible. For color, use a dark tone of any of your used colors.

Making the Text Emote more awesome with Playful Vibe

Once you are done, add an inner shadow. Follow my settings to get a subtle 3d look in your text.

This part is optional. If you want, you can add noise effects to the text. Simple go to filter, then choose Noise and, Add Noise. Make sure you have chosen Convert to smart object. It will give that text a very slight texture.

Adding Highlights to the twitch emote Text

Gradient Colored Twitch text Emote
Gradient Colored Twitch text Emote

Now, create a new layer above the text layer and press B. It will enable the brush tool. Make the hardness option around 80 to 95. Then hand draws some random shapes. It will give the simple text more life. But make sure you have created multiple layers for each shape you have drawn.

Because when you need to move the shapes, they will stay in one single layer. That’s what you will see at the end of this video.

To add highlights to the Emote Texts:

  1.  Create a new layer and choose a soft brush with white color.
  2.  Use the overlay as the blending option.
  3.  Draw on those parts you want to highlight.
  4.  Make sure you have created a clipping mask of the highlight layer.

How to Export Twitch Emotes with transparent background?

Finally, it’s exporting time. You can select all the layers and press Control + G. it will make it into 1 group. Then select the group folder, press Control + T. Then resize the emotes to fit the whole canvas. Make sure you have hidden the Background layer.

Once you are proud, navigate to File. Then Export and Export as. From the dropdown must use PNG and check the transparency. It will make your emotes transparent on your Twitch stream. At last, hit Export.

Things to Consider when exporting Twitch Emotes

Other dimention for emotes export dimensions

Twitch emote size

You must upload you twitch emotes in these 3 sizes: 28 x 28px, 56 x 56px and 112 x 112px. It will make sure your emotes on twitch looks great on all sizes and devices.

The maximum amount of file size is 1 MB. So make sure you know the size limit and do the designs. You can always compress the emotes before uploading from different image compressor tools like a short pixel.

How many emotes can you upload to your emote slot?

The Maximum emote slot is based on your channel subscribers. Because you will get points for your subscribers. So the more subscriber and audience you have, the more emotions, different emotions, or emote slot unlock.

Check the exact numbers from Twitch itself.

It’s time to export the alerts into the remaining two sizes. Click the Grey area of the canvas. Then in the Properties panel, type 56 by 56 for width and height. Then Select the Folder and press control + T to enable the transform tool. Resize it as per your liking. Do the same thing to export. The size export size will be changed to your canvas size automatically.

Also, a tip will be, “name your emotes correctly and add the dimension at the beginning of the name.” It will make save your tie when you upload on Twitch. Now follow the same thing to create the smallest size Twitch emote, 28 by 28 pixels. You can barely see the text, but you will be able to see that on mobile devices.

How to the text of the Twitch Emote design?

What happens if you want to change the text, font, or colors? Simple double-click the smart object icon in the text layer. It will open a new window. From there, you can do all the text settings. But you must press Control + S to save it. Then come back to the original canvas, seeing the changes.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, learning how to make Twitch emotes in 2022 with Photoshop is a great way to improve your skills as an affiliate. You will be able to create emotes for your channel, but you will also be able to create other graphics and branding materials.

Please let me know if you are a twitch affiliate and how long it took to reach you. I would love to see your experiences. I hope this small and easy-to-follow Twitch emote in photoshop Blog post was helpful.

FAQ on “How to design Twitch Emotes in 2022 with Photoshop.”

Where can I get Custom emotes?

You can hire a graphic designer on Fiverr or from own3d (Most Affordable). Custom emotes are an effective way to stand out from other streamers.

Maximum Emote slots?

The Maximum emote slot is based on your channel subscribers. Because you will get points for your subscribers. So the more subscriber and audience you have, the more emotions, different emotions, or emote slot unlock.

Maximum Emote size

The maximum amount of file size is 1 MB. So make sure you are aware ofknow the size limit and do the designs. You can always compress the emotes before uploading from different image compressor tools like a short pixel

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