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How to create VIRAL Short videos, reels from long videos

I have found a crazy way to generate infinite short videos from long-form content, by adding the link.

Paste your long-form video link here and this AI tool is gives the short highlights. If you want to make viral short-form content for YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and Instagram Reels? I got this awesome web app.

Oh, You can even add subtitles in real-time with AI.

You will get the link below or go to vidyo.ai, to create your free account. Once you are in the dashboard of vidyo, click the “Upload File”

Click the link below or go to Vidyo.ai, and create your free account.

Our Readers get 50% OFF. Click the image and use “EMSQ“.

In the dashboard

You will get the link below or go to vidyo.ai, to create your free account. Once you are in the dashboard of vidyo, click the “Upload File” button in the top right.

In the popup, you can directly upload your videos or READY TO GET MIND BLOWN! You can directly share the youtube video link and it will automatically start cutting the highlighted parts. I am using Ali Abdal’s video as an example here. Just copy the link and paste it into the box. Then start Import.

Now select, your resolution, and you want the video. I am going to choose the short format. After that, you have to at least select 3 styles of the layout. Don’t worry you can edit them later. After you have selected, click continue.

Here, you can add your social handles as the watermark. I will skip it. On the next screen, you can check this to remember your settings for the next video.

Now, sit tight and let AI do the magic. The time depends on the actual video. But instead of just waiting, you can like this video and subscribe. It will be likeyo.

Okay, once it’s done you will get an email and “Ready” status in the “All Videos” section. Now hover on the video and select “Review Clips” Look at this. All the videos are clipped down into smaller chunks. You also have the video title and the video length. Select any topic and click the play icon to see the demo.

Don worry about the looks, we will edit it soon. Click the “Edit and Download Video” button. You can choose the desired look from here. I am going to choose the generic look. I guess that’s the best layout.

Our Readers get 50% OFF. Click the image and use “EMSQ“.

And as you can see, the subtitle is automatically added to the animations. You can click the subtitle and choose your style of animation and effect color.

To change the font size, type, size, and effects, navigate to the font settings. From here, you can go crazy and get an absolutely neat look.

At any point, if there’s a wrong subtitle, you can edit it by going to the editor tab. isn’t that awesome and simple?

Do you love emojis? Come who doesn’t like emojis? You can add ayto emoji by clicking the “Add Emoji” button. Now, look at this. It’s now more engaging.

To see, how it may look in the actual platform, click the visibility icon and choose your platform. From there you can finetune your element’s placement.

yeah, you can also add the progress bar and change the settings. It will boost your audience retention rate as well.

Now, at some point, the subjects will not be in the frame. No worries. Just enable “Cut Magic” and the vidyo’s AI will place the subject in the frame. You can override any part, by clicking the frame and place in the center. As you can see, it even duplicated the clips and placed them on a stack, so all the subjects are in focus. Like seriously, how nifty this is!

Alright, now as everything is done, click the “Download Video” button at the top. You need to choose 720p resolution if you are on the free plan. I am going to do it, for the sake of this video.

You can do the same thing, by clicking the breadcrumb at the top and selecting another topic for that video.

To download the video, Go to the “Donwloads” tab and download the clip.

To make all the works a success, watch this video, where I have created a complete channel by using free tools and the help of AI.

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