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Video games can be referred to as any type of game that is to be played using an electronic control. With the help of the controller one is able to move points of light or graphical symbols on the screen of a visual display unit. Video games can be played using various electronic device, mobile device, computers and a television or any other display screen.


Video games can also be run by a console or an arcade machine. As a parent you must be sick of telling your children not to play video games. As parents, we are more focused on the potential dangers than on benefits of video games. The good news is that video games can actually offer a numerous of health benefits.

Video games can help in the improvement of your child’s brain. From a research conducted by tuition agency Singapore & home tuition agency in Singapore, has proven that playing video games are good for memory. The video games do not have to be labelled for educational purpose to help the child learn. Playing video games can help the child in making decisions, use different strategies to overcome a problem and help them express their personalities.

The PRO’s

Video games help in improvement of hand and eye coordination. Games like first person shooters and fast paced have been proven to develop fast decision making and to boost motor skills. The strategy games require you to think critically on a very high level which makes the player think more critically and look for all the possible strategy. Video games can be a great way to reduce stress and depression. Games occupy attention which can help your brain to be busy while not slamming you with any stress. As now most of games are played online it can also be a social outlet, which allows those who are lonely a chance to get some short of interaction. The rise of online multiplayer experiences has given a new way to socializing in which players work together to solve problems.

With the advancement in technology, some game requires a whole body interaction. Even the games that require a simple handheld controller can lead to physical activity. The sports game like basketball, football, skateboarding etc. can lead to children practicing the skills outdoor. It might sound crazy be playing video games may slow the aging process in some people.


As many brain games involves puzzle, memory and problem-solving components which has been shown to be a positive benefit for older players. Playing video games can be a common distraction from pain, stress and depression as the gamers are paying attention to something else that they forget about other things. Gamers are also known to be good post-injury prescription. As said by our tuition agency Singapore & home tuition agency in Singapore, while playing video games in groups, children often take turns leading and following depending on who has the specific skill needed at that duration of game which encourages leadership. Playing video games can also be a boost to one’s career.

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