Salient 5 min Stream Soon (Animated)

Your lovely audience will wait for you. Why not, you make the waiting colorful and a little bit enjoyable. Grab this free animated stream starting soon and take your stream graphics to the next level.

This Animated Stream Starting Soon Screen is perfect for any kind of vibe, because of the sleek and clean design.

Compatible with

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What’s Included:-

✅ The actual 5 min timer Screen

✅ License File

✅ Readme files

✅ Important links

✅ Important Files


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How to Setup:-

How to Unzip Easily
  • Its a ZIP file, after downloading it, right-click it
  • Then Select “Extract All” or “Unzip”. (extract all will be shown if you use any third-party software for unzipping the zip file, like WinRARand 7zip)

Setup the Screen within 3 seconds:-

  • Simply add a media source and select this screen file.
  • Make sure you enable the loop option.

Can I change the color of the screen?

  • Yes, you can. But that’s not recommended.

Modular design tips or Give your own touch:-

  • Place your logo on this screen. I have given a dedicated Place to put your own logo. Watch this video to see where you can place the logo.

For Support & any Questions:-

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