FREE FALL GUYS Stream Overlay & Package (STATIC)-2021

free fall guys stream overlay & package in 2021
Full Overview Video ( Must Watch )

Fall Guys Stream Overlay and Complete Package. Available for 100% Free today. It’s bold, Clean, and Joyful. I have made this pack like the Fall Guys Game (great game though). You will just need this pack to give your audience that fall guys vibe.

FALL GUYS Twitch Stream Overlay & full package (STATIC) for OBS Studio and Streamlabs OBS, including Photoshop files to edit the text, 1 click installation for SLOBS (.overlay file). You can use this on any Streaming platform

What’s Included in FALL GUYS Stream Overlay:-

It’s a Digital Download. Once you Download the File you will get all the Files in a Zip.

free fall guys stream overlay & package in 2021
free fall guys stream overlay & package in 2021


  • Streamlabs 
  • OBS Studio
  • StreamElements
  • xPlit
  • Twitch
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • many more …

FALL GUYS Stream Overlay & Package Stream Optimized Status:- Yes

How to Setup Fall Guys Stream Overlay Pack:-

How to Unzip Easily

  • Its a ZIP file, after downloading it, right-click it
  • Then select β€œExtract All” or β€œUnzip”. (extract all will be shown if you use any third-party software for unzipping the zip file, like WinRAR and 7zip)

Setup full FALL GUYS Stream Overlay & Pack within 3 seconds:-

  • After you have successfully unzipped the file then add the .overlay file (if you are a SLOBS user, simply go to settings> scene collection> Import overlay. Then add β€œStreamlabs OBS One-Click Install. overlay”). Congrats! you have installed the whole Overlay Pack.
  • And if you are installing it another broadcasting software, simply put the elements as an image source (like OBS, xSplit)

How to edit .PSD project files without photoshop:-

  • I have included Simple and organized Project files to edit the text and social media of the screens.
  • Font Name:- luckiest guy
  • Once the font is installed, you can edit the images using this website, Just go to if you don’t have access to Photoshop and open the project file, that you want to edit the text. Remember to double-click the text then write your own text.
  • ALSO EDIT WITH ANY OTHER EDITING SOFTWARE (gimp, photoshop,, ms paint, and more…)
  • After you successfully edit the text the go-to file > export > export as png > add that edited text as an image source on top of the screens.

Modular design tips or Give your own touch:-

FALL GUYS Stream Overlay & Package comes with a modular design. That means you can easily give the Stream Overlay and Pack your own touch.

  • you can add the logo wherever you think it will suit, but I have added my own logo to give you the idea. I think if you put your logo exactly where I have put it, it will look good. Also, add the logo as a media source on top of the screens.
  • add the chatbox on the right side where is you can see the yellow color. (optional)

Motivate Me:-

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    • Properly using the license file, if you use my designs & animation.

For Support & any Questions:-

πŸ”’Password for the RAR or ZIP File:- emshopfreebies

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