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05 Free Apex Legends Health Bar Overlay Animated – (UPDATED)

Free Apex Legends Health Bar Overlay Animated - (UPDATED)
Free Apex Legends Health Bar Overlay Animated – (UPDATED)

The current health bar design in Apex Legends is plain and boring. You can spice it up by hiring a designer to make an exciting one. Or download the premade designs from the internet.

But often, the premade designs are not that great looking. Well, good news!

In this post, I will share the Top 05 Best Free Apex Legends Health Bar Overlays that are Animated and have smooth animations. Yep, completely free to download.

List of Animated Free Apex Legends Health Bar Overlay

Rampart Edition – Animated Apex Legends Health Bar Overlay

If you use Rampart Character in Apex Legend. Or your Stream overlay in based on this character?

Whatever the reason is, this health bar overlay will be for you. Featuring Red colors and the Character itself. The lightning animations give the whole animated overlay an eye-grabbing feel while used in the game.

Go to the download source →

Horizon Edition – Animated health bar overlay

Horizon is your main Character in the apex game? Or all your apex overlay is based on Horizon! You can use this overlay for obs to streaming on twitch. Alternatively, you can use Streamlabs obs as well.

You need to gear up with this overlay and make your apex health bar pop.

This overlay design includes Teal colors and the beautiful Character Horizon.

Go to the download source →

Caustic Edition – Apex health bar overlay

I take it that your primary Character in the Apex Legends is Caustic. Or the entirety of your apex overlay is dependent on Caustic!

It would be best to equip yourself with this overlay to make the apex legend health bar stand out.

The Big Character Caustic is included in this overlay design, which also has the color Yellow.

In addition, the sparks and Electric animations make the whole overlay look fantastic in the actual gameplay scene.

Go to the download source →

Crypto Edition – Free Animated Apex Legends Health Bar Overlay

In the Apex game, is Crypto your Main Character? Or your entire apex overlay is built on Crypto! This health hud can be used in both obs and stream labs obs.

You must apply this overlay to make your apex health bar shine bright.

This overlay animation features the stunning Character Crypto in Lime or Light Green color. The glows from the outfit are also visible, with a flickering effect.

Go to the download source →

Loba Edition – Animated health bar overlay

Alright, now it’s time for Loba Main Players. If loba is your main Character in the apex game, you will find this health helpful. The animation on the stick and Loba’s Hair makes it breathe. The animation details are subtle, but it makes the overlay less crowded.

I highly suggest grabbing this Loba Edition apex health bar overlay for free today.

This overlay features Red color with gentle animations on the hair, Cloth, and Stick of Loba.

Go to the download source →

What is the apex legend health bar?

An apex legend health bar is an overlay that displays a player’s current health status in the game. It is usually displayed as a bar of total health and can be seen by other players as well. The health bar is an essential element in the game, as it allows players to know how much damage they can take before being eliminated.

But live streamers love to add an overlay on top of the in-game health bar. Because when the viewers of that streamer watch the stream, they can see the custom touch. It basically makes the live streamers more professional and custom.

How to get a custom apex health bar overlay?

You can use Canva to make one yourself, or you can go to Upwork to hire a motion graphics designer to create a custom one. But if you like ETSY, you can also find designers on that platform who does the custom overlay design by using the information you provide.

But when should you get a custom apex health bar overlay?

There is no definitive answer to this question – ultimately, it depends on your specific needs and preferences. However, there are a few general scenarios when you might want to consider getting a custom apex health bar overlay:

  • When you need a specific size or shape that’s not available in pre-made options
  • When you want a design that’s specifically tailored to your brand or aesthetic
  • When you need more control over the colors and overall look of the health bar

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make apex legends health bar overlay

There are many ways to make the overlays for apex legend. But the common practice is to get an overlay design and then add your touches there. You can use Canva for that. If you want to create your custom overlay design?

Watch this video for a complete tutorial


I am assuming you have loved the list. Please let me know if I missed an overlay you loved the most. I will be more than happy to add that here.

Thank you for reading my article. You may love this Post: 13 free Stream Alerts

Happy Streaming!

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