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The most effective way of my earning is from 'Buy me a Cofee'. You can buy me coffees (virtual, not real) if you want to support me. In simple words, it's a Donation method. But in a more Coller and Sweet way.

Donations Never accepted, but if you do thanks so much. By the way, you can simply follow me on my 'Buy me a Coffee' page.

Google Ads

The main source of my earning is Google ADS. Because every time someone clicks the Ad Banner/ADS I get few cents.

I try to use as minimal ADS I can. Also, I don't use any ADS Redirect. Besides this, I only use ADS that are verified by Google. So that there is no hamper of your Privacy.

YouTube/Social Media

It's the Ultimate way to Motivate me. Your 1 Subscription on YouTube and 1 follow on Social Media gave me a huge dose of motivation. That thing keeps me reminding that I need to go and do this Sh8.

It's also Free to Use. Thanks a lot if you do.

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You can help 4 Free!

So, this is how the whole thing works. When you click any Banner (ADS) on my website I get few cents and this helps me pay a small section of bills that come in each month! Thanks a lot if you have disabled Adblock :)