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Buy me a Coffee review: How I earned 231$ donations online with Buy me a Coffee

Buy me a Coffee Review for 2022 – Best way to take donations?

If you wonder how to monetize your youtube video, twitch streaming, and blog content without ads, then taking direct donations from your supporters will be the best choice. Right?

Yeah, Right. But that’s not easy. Asking for donations via PayPal and asking people to pay monthly and annual memberships on Patreon is not a great thing.

That’s what I faced earlier back in 2020. Finally, I got the solution and found out Buy me a Coffee. Before moving to the sweet unbiased, and non-paid blog post on Buy me a coffee in 2022, here are some key points you will love.

  • I have been using Buy me a Coffee (BMC) since 2020
  • Buy me a Coffee is free to use. No monthly cost/CC is needed. Sign up for free here.
  • Earned 240$ So far (But why so less, I will explain it in the post + Tips to optimize)
  • 1000+ Followers on Buy me a Coffee
  • Buy me a Coffee supports Bank account (via Payoneer), Stripe account payout.
  • This is an Updated Review of Buy me a Coffee in 2022 (They have made massive changes this year)
  • Buy me a Coffee did not sponsor this post; it’s an Unbiased review.

Get Started with your Free Buy me a Coffee by Clicking here, so you can follow be steps below easilly.

It’s an affiliate link, I will get a small commision but no extra cost to you. Thank you for the support!

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What is Buy me a Coffee?

Homepage of Buy me a Coffee

Buy me a coffee is not a real-life coffee or something like that. It’s just a sweet way to take donations from your supporters. The “Buy me a Coffee” it’s just another way of saying Donation.

So, instead of asking, “If you loved my content, you could donate me via PayPal,” you can ask in a more friendly way, like this “If you loved my content, consider buy me a coffee. It will make me active to make more awesome content.

Now, ask yourself. Doesn’t the last asking way, is more friendly and welcoming? There is no doubt tit’s friendly and more enjoyable.

Now, you may think, what will I do with the Coffee I got from donations?

Every Coffee comes with a predefines price; you will set that.

And when a supporter wants to donate to you, they can buy you a coffee or multiple coffees by selecting the total amount of Coffees. After they buy you the coffees, you will get the money on your Buy me a Coffee account. And Woohoo! you got your Supporter.

Our Readers get 50% OFF. Click the image and use “EMSQ“.

Ok, let’s get started and create our buy me a coffee page in 2022.

NOTE: You might ask, I have only earned only 231$ on Buy me a Coffee. Yes, because my audience is super small and I monetize my contents with others methods.

Now, you can imagine if you have a huge audience you may end up earning 10 time if not 100 times more. 

Check out 51+ Free Tools and Resources, that I use for running my youtube channel and blogging!

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How do I use Buy Me a Coffee in 2022

Getting started is simple and easy. Again it’s free to get started, and no CC is required. Please follow the steps below.

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How to create a Buy me a Coffee account.

Click here, and you will land on the Sign-up page. From there, enter your name beside the buymeacoffee.com/ text. Once you have done that, click Start my page. You can sign up by e-mail, Twitter account, Gmail, Facebook, Apple.

Don’t worry; you can change the name later from the profile edit page.

Walkthrough of the Buy me a Coffee app (2022 Edition)

When you log in to your Buy me a Coffee dashboard, you will be prompted to the dashboard. From the clean dashboard, you can see all the Stats, Like Total View, earnings, Followers, and Recent supporters. This dashboard will be the place to determine what you need to improve and what you need to create.

Dahsboard of Buy me a Coffee

You can also get more detailed statistics by clicking the View all Stats. It will give you more flexibility to see the analytics. You can filter by Month and All time.

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As you can see, there are 2 fields. One is Supporter, and another one is member. Let me explain these 2 field in short.


Supporters are those peoples who donated to you one time. The supporters who donated to you multiple times will also be your Supporters.


Members are those supporters who support (Buy you Coffee) you monthly. Just like Patreon, you can set different levels of membership. When they join your membership plans and support you monthly, they will be called a member.

In the recent tab, you can see all the recent supporters claimed extras under one roof.

How to make Money with Buy me a Coffee?

There are X ways to Earn Money with BMC. I will try to give you a clean and straightforward intro to all of the ways you can earn money with buy me a coffee in 2022.

Accept Donations online & Memberships.

This will be the fastest and most common way to earn money. Your supporters can support you with just a few taps in the form of Coffee (s). But you will get the donation amount in your preferred currency and your preferred payout method.

The excellent part is your Supporter does not need to create an account to support you.

Direct Donation: You can earn money by accepting direct one-time payments via Buy me a coffee. This is the most common way to earn money with Buy me a Coffee.

Memberships: Just like Patreon, you can set different levels of membership. From there, your Supporter can become a member on a monthly and annual basis. They can cancel the memberships easily anytime, by the way. The more value you provide, the better you build trust with your supporters.

Offer Digital Downloads & Sell your services with Buy me a Coffee’s Extra feature.

This will be the most profitable way to earn considerable money. The extra option is a dealbreaker. You can open your Digital download store without any cost—no need to worry about hosting, domain, and all those things. In easy words, this will be your Shopify or ETSY store but no extra cost for Shopify subscriptions and ETSY Listing price.

Extra (Sell your Digital Services)

You can create your Product Listing by going to the My Extra tab. You can see predefined presets when you land on the My extra page. That’s an excellent starting point, as they have included some major presets. However, you can easily create yours by Clicking the Start from Scratch button.

Our Readers get 50% OFF. Click the image and use “EMSQ“.

When someone downloads your extras, it will be shown on the Claims tab. You can set pricing for your extras. But also you can set 0$ with the options Pay what you want.

You can share the direct link of each product with your supporters, or you can share the full shop link where your visitors can see all the items you have listed.

How to Edit the existing Extra?

If you want to edit the Extras after uploading. You can easily do that. Go to the Extra tab (1) from the left side menu. Then navigate to Extras (2). On the My Extra page, you will see 3 eclipses (3).

Click those eclipses beside the extra you want to edit, and now you can edit that extras. You can also add your new Extra’s from this Dashboard.

Ok. How will you get the money from your donations and extra’s?

I have explained that in the next section.

Payout methods in Buy me a coffee in 2022

In 2022 Buy me a Coffee closed PayPal & Razorpay as their payment method. But don’t worry, they have more.

Source- Buy me a Coffee Help Docs.

They have Payoneer, Stripe. I can’t say how happy I was when they included Payoneer. Because PayPal is not supported in many countries, including mine. I and others were asking for Payoneer on the Feedback page, and the founder just implemented this.

So, accepting payments will not be an issue for you. But you need to have to wait for a minimum amount of 25$ to withdraw via Payoneer. I guess that waiting time will be worth it. But again it depends on your preference. On the other hand, Stripe will be instant.

So, the payout method is Payoneer, Stripe.

  • Learn more about Payoneer
  • Learn more about Stripe

How to setup payout options in buy me a coffee

Go to settings, and from there, you can choose standard Payout to add Payoneer, and the Other options are Stripe.

You can edit the payout settings by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Setting from the left side tab
  2. Select Payout from the top bar menu
  3. Choose your Payout Method.
  4. Enter the details. They will ask you to verify the attaching process
  5. And you are done.

Our Readers get 50% OFF. Click the image and use “EMSQ“.

How to withdraw Donation with Payoneer in Buy me a Coffee

BMC this year attached an easy withdrawing option via Payoneer. It’s super simple to do. Please follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Setting from the left side tab
  2. Select Payout from the top bar menu
  3. Click the Yellow “Withdraw Balance” Button
  4. Then select withdraw
  5. And Enjoy! your donations to your Payoneer account

NOTE: As you can see, Payoneer will charge 3$ in my case. So I will be waiting to store more money and then withdraw all of them. Also, the transaction process is not instant like Stripe. It will take some time to reach your Payoneer account or bank account.

How to write a blog post?

Also can write blog posts and share them with your followers via e-mail. Isn’t that awesome. You don’t have to pay bills for the e-mail newsletter service providers.

If you go to the My Posts tab, You will see 3 presets to choose from. To write a blog post, you need to select the First option. Then you can quickly write your post add videos, photos, and links. The icing on the cake is to make your post categories to keep everything nice and clean.

Once you have posted the post and happy with that, you can send the post link to all your followers with just 1 click. And there you go.

Now, drive traffic to your affiliate product, new video, or a new event without any monthly cost.

Pro tip: If you want to start email marketting without any software, you can start promoting your Buy me a Coffee page and ask them to follow you, if they don’t want to donate you.

Then you can publish your new video emails to your followers without any extra cost. Make sure you have taken the permission to send the emails.

How to edit the creators profile page

If you click the image on the BMC dashboard, and select view my page, you will be prompted to your profile page.

Press Replace image and upload a new cover picture. If you don’t want any cover image in your buy me a coffee profile, you can select the remove option.

From the top right corner, you can select Edit Page options. It will give you a popup with the settings related to the BMC page.

From there, you can upload new images, a Descriptions box, and links to your other website. Don’t forget to write down all the essential websites you have because you can add as many links as you want in the description box. For example, you can look at my Profile page here.

Also, you can add images to your description box. So go creative with it and make the best first impression.

*I am sharing my new BMC link, you can buy me coffee there if you want 🙂

How much does Buy Me a Coffee cost? Is buy me a coffee free?

Unlike all the other SAAS businesses, Buy me a Coffee has to charge the users for maintaining the whole brand and ongoing maintenance. But they don’t charge upfront, and they take a 5% commission on each transaction you make.

So, no matter how small you are, start selling online with them, and they will online make money when you earn money.

Is Buy me a Coffee Safe?

I know you may be wondering if this is a trusted brand to start using in 2022. Because let’s face it, Patreon has been in the game for a very long time. Patreon was founded in 2013. And things have been changed. Not all people want to support you every month like a subscription to Spotify.

Yeah! You deserve that contribution if you give so much value every month. That’s why PayPal was the best alternative to make one-time payments as taking donations online.

Homepage of Ko-fi

So, to make this even sweeter and friendlier, Buy me a Coffee entered the game in 2018. But they are not the first who has started. Another Competition of them will be Kofi. Which is also fantastic and has all the Featuyrs buy me Coffee has. But the downside is they have a monthly subscription to unlock some additional features.

Although BMC has 500,000+ Creators (As per their saying) using their platform, I don’t think they will disappear anytime soon with that follower base. After having them for a long time, I share my experience in this post.

I have not just read a few articles and write this article. I am sure they will remain in this game. But we can’t be 100% sure.

As long as they stay, make the most use of it.

In the end, if they go, your supporters will always be your Supporter.

Helpful Addons for Streamers/Bloggers

BMC also offers many useful addons to make your live streaming donation process more enjoyable.

Discord: You can give a unique role to the discord members who are supporters on your BMC page. It will be a nice way to give something return to them.

Stream Alerts: This is a super helpful item. You can show your Supporter or member name on the live stream. You can edit the designs in a different color. You can change the audio as well.

WordPress plugin: This is for WordPress website users who want to add the BMC widget to their website without manually adding the custom code. It’s an easy and friendly way to implement, but I prefer to do it manually. Because the more WordPress plugin you have, the more resource It will take, I don’t think it’s worth having another WordPress plugin only for one option that can be done manually.

How to promote your Buy me a Coffee page.

Example of how Enstant Man using BMC link in the video

Once you are ready to launch your page, you can do that randomly. But if you promote your Buy me a coffee link strategically on different social media platforms like” YouTube, website you will get a better chance to get more traffic to your page.

You can create buttons on your website’s blog post section. It will draw the attention of the reader. On top of that, Sell extras, art commissions, sell products, sell commissions on BMC, and link your coffee account directly to youtube videos, website, services on your website.

It will also draw a considerable audience/supporters to your BMC account.

Alternatively, you can add your Coffee account to accept donations directly on your website. You can either add the Widget of BMC or the donation button created on the dashboard. It will give you an HTML code, and you need to paste that code to the Custom HTML code block (For WordPress website)

If you are a social media star, it’s mostly like you have a Twitter account or Instagram page. You can share your BMC page link to your BIO and add a call to action no your posts.

How to earn money with Buy me a Coffee (The ULTIMATE GUIDE)

There are plenty of ways you can earn money with your BMC account. But here are some tips to optimize your earning potential.

First of all, try to build your audience/fans first because your Audience/fans will become your Supporter in the end. When you try to become a better content creator and giveaway them more value, they will be happy to support you.

Now, you have created your audience or fans. If you are a Video creator, or do any service that can be achieved or downloaded by giving a price to you or your items? Then start selling commissions.

This can be 1-1 coaching, sharing images of anything valuable/member-only (related to your contents), Custom anime character design, or custom-made logo animations. These things are infinity. As they trust you, they will grab your products as well.

Another thing will be exclusive content or premium features of your app/content. This can be a member-only post, video, or a simple icon pack. And for Apps, it will be early access to your in-app credits.

If you love to sell products online, you can accept a commission or sell products as an extra purchase.

Then add a custom form where they can write their order requirements. You can use Google Forms to build a form without any fee. Then you can complete the order.

Why my earnings are so less on my buy me a coffee account

As you may know, I have only earned 240$. It’s less if you, I say. But I don’t promote my page link anywhere else; accept my Youtube description box only. Because I believe if my content is excellent and helpful, people will buy me Coffee from that one link.

Another thing, I am just too lazy to promote my BMC link. Please don’t mark my words for this.

But again, money is just a number. The support from the community is priceless when you are passionate about your content creation.

Should you start your Buy me a Coffee page in 2022?

If you don’t show Ads on your video or content, or you show Ads but want to have an option to have some fantastic supporters, then I will say open it.

Eventually, if you open a BMC page, it doesn’t need any money. So, why miss the opportunity to earn some side money. Also, you will be collecting e-mails, where you can send your e-mails to the BMC followers of your upcoming videos, Blog posts, Live streams, giveaways, and so much more.

Should I Start Blogging with Buy me a Coffee’s Post feature in 2022

If I say straightforward, then it’s a big NO!

If you want to Blog as your side hustle and rank on search results, opening a WordPress blog website will be the best choice because BMC’s blog post is not great for SEO. After all, you have less flexibility to do the SEO optimizations on your blog post.

But, when you start your custom blog website, you can enhance your SEO to the next level. So, if you just want to Blog to learn and test, you can go with BMC. Because it’s simple, easy to use, and there is no need for additional cost and maintenance.

Final Verdict

Buy me a coffee is a solid app and an awesome way to build your online loyal community. It doesn’t need any money to get started. So, you don’t have to think about monthly subscription plans like Kofi & Patreon.

But the competition Kofi is also a solid app.

But I tempt to use BMC more than Kofi. Because of the free Extra (in easy word Shop) and Sending Newsletter options. I will be making the Full review and personal experience on my Kofi account soon.

Catch you in the next one. Till then, Stay Creative and Drink Coffee.

FAQ’s on this full in-depth review of Buy me a Coffee in 2022

Here are some questions people also asked about Buy me a coffee.

How much does Buy Me a Coffee cost?

It’s free to get started. It doesn’t cost you anything monthly or annually. No hidden charges.

What is buy me a cup of Coffee?

It’s a more friendly version of Asking “Donate” and “Become my Patreon.” Instead of asking those traditional words, you can ask, “Buy me a coffee if you loved this content.” You will get the money ($, etc.) in the form of Coffee (s)

How do I use Buy Me a Coffee?

Go to buymeacoffee.com and Sign up with your e-mail, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, or Apple id. Then set up payout methods, and you are good to go.

For a full and updated review of 2022, you can check the full post.

Is Patreon or Buy Me a Coffee better?

This varies from person to person likings. But on Patreon, you can only support monthly. But in Buy me a coffee, you can accept Donation at one time, Monthly, annually, or by selling Extras.

You will get much more options in Buy me a Coffee. Patreon is also easy to get started with no fee. But they charge specific percentages from your earnings. Where Buy me a coffee only charges 5%, and they don’t have any premium plan.

Is Buy Me a Coffee safe?

Yes, it’s safe. Buy me a Coffee has 500,000+ Creators (As per their saying) using their platform. So, they are safe as far as my own user experience.

Is Buy Me a Coffee free?

Yes, it’s completely free to get started, and they don’t have any paid plan.

How to edit the Buy me a Coffee profile page?

If you click the image on the BMC dashboard, you will be prompted to your profile page. From the top right corner, you can select Edit Page options.
It will give you a popup with the settings related to the BMC page. From there, you can make the changes.

How to promote my buy me a coffee page?

You can use the Stream Alerts, Tip button, or custom button on your Websites. You can also share your BMC profile page with your audience/fans on Youtube.

Can I sell commissions?

Yes. You can sell Art commissions & Coachings to your supporters.

Can I use PayPal to withdraw my earnings?

No. In 2022 update buy me a coffee don’t accept PayPal payout system. But you can use Payoneer to Stripe account earning transfers.

Is there any WordPress plugin?

Yes. You can search “Buy me a Coffee” on the Add new plugin search box. Download it directly from here

Can I create a custom button?

You can create a button with predefined colors. But to make a complete custom button, you can download their Media kit assets.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. This means when you purchase via our link we will get a small commission but no extra cost to you. This helps us to maintain our bills.

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