EM's story

In my Freelance work timeframe, I have worked with Streamers, Content Creator from Starter to High-level Presence. So, now I am on a mission to contribute some to the community. The experience and skill I have achieved I want to use them to be the Kickstarter of your design and animation assets. I want to make this word into reality “I want to be the Kickstarter and best buddy of your Content Creation Assets.”

Dream of being an Entrepreneur and YouTuber.

At the age of 17, I realized I need to make my own future. I want to live life in how I want to. If I need to work for 11 hrs a day, but in the END, I never got tired of working for 11 hrs. I want to have that life. And from there, my dream becomes to become an Entrepreneur started. I don’t know, will I become but hey! there is no crime to Dream

Relationship with YouTube is Pretty damn addictive. My teacher is YouTube, and I spend most of the time on YouTube. The things I learn are only from YouTube. So for me, YouTube plays a s3xxy role.

Ready to Loot?

And from here, your journey begins. Hopefully, my Freebies will help you.

You can help 4 Free!

So, this is how the whole thing works. When you click any Banner (ADS) on my website I get few cents and this helps me pay a small section of bills that come in each month! Thanks a lot if you have disabled Adblock :)